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Successful marketing always starts with trust.

I'd like to describe my own marketing and user experience model. I call it The Accountability CycleTM. It's also a model for how I would like businesses to market to me.

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Any message you put out there with the right intention can get attention. But understand that every idea you put into the world is half of a two-way communication. How well you listen and respond to each dialogue will determine how long the idea remains valuable.

Think about how many useless marketing messages you get every day. You put up with them because you've learned to ignore them. So what gets through your filter? To pass The Accountability CycleTM, an idea needs to meet four criteria:
  1. It comes from a trusted source. Who is on the byline? Can you stand behind the message, or can you bring in a third party who will matter to your audience?
  2. The content has intrinsic value to you. It provides information that will help you overcome challenges or learn something useful.
  3. The message respects your time and ability to hear it. In other words, it's in a format you can accept. It either gets right to the point, or provides the full detail needed. It also helps you take action.
  4. It's specifically intended for you. No useful communication will result from trying to be all things to all people.
Ideas that run this gauntlet are usually passed on by the right audience, either by sharing with a peer or responding directly.

You may think my model is not all that original. There are certainly parallels you could make to any number of books and blogs on marketing that have come out since then. However, I have been applying it in my own content marketing approach for more than 20 years now and it has never let me down. The ultimate goal is simply to present and valuable when someone needs you.

read between these

Business Journalism is dead.

Remember when the media covered technology news with an objective approach? Remember how they actually ran software and hardware through a series of tests in a controlled lab?

Those days are long gone. Today's editor has neither the budget or the staff to conduct an investigation. Maybe they could use an expert like you!