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Our Services

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Our Services

blueFug's fundamental strength is our ability to bring the value you offer to the surface for your customers. We do this by understanding your business first, then telling the story that meets your prospects' most pressing needs.

Sales execution, great service and a focused product offering are still up to you. But a focused message backed up by the value you deliver is your best way to shine.

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corporate messaging and writing
Chances are you have plenty of experts who can explain the value of your company in person. How do you get that point across when you are not there? Customers need education, and demand proof.

information architecture
This is a job that seems glamorous, until the part where you need to get everyone's agreement. We get your team involved to structure the content and controls to immediately meet your current needs while still leaving logical room for your offering to expand.

user interaction design
We have experience defining and prototyping interfaces for some of the world's most complex business workflows, in terms that don't require a manual to understand.

multimedia project management
We lay out the requirements, understand your brand's needs and bring some of the best designers and programmers in the biz to the table. Whether you're building an information kiosk, sales leave behind, an online demonstration, event production or videos, we've got the skills.

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Corporate and product messaging development

Knowledge management and collaboration tools

Business process and workflow development

Software and eCommerce interface development

Product design and prototyping

blueFug customers have access to the blueFug network of trusted partners.

How do we add value?
  • Providing specific direction to control scope of work
  • Only working with proven professionals
  • Nurturing relationships with good clients