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Releases now available under the blueFug Music label. Categorize these as uneasy listening.

Releases on blueFug Music:

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Life is too short to play covers. Music is a healer to some, and just an "interesting hobby" to others.

blueFug is a pop magnet buzz machine for the indie world. Well, we aren't a label. We do however help bands get more exposure. Or at least get a show now and then.

If you put something original out there and would like to get involved, contact us.

read between these

These are the unique acts that defined the sound that changed the world with an idea that created the impetus to forge a generation too self-absorbed to see their own milquetoast nature. So, take a listen.

Commercial Music
We have extensive experience creating music for soundtracks, commercials and interactive projects. If you're looking for something unique, something beyond the jingle mill and midi orchestration you may have heard, check us out. And we can assemble the musicians and resources to pull it off, even commission the right band. If you have a need for just the right feel, in just about any style, contact us.

Artist Development
Our design and promotions can get music noticed. Photography, album design, and live performance planning are not our day job, but we enjoy it.

Battery-operated soul, right on!

You & Me (NEW)
Big bouncy prog-pop
Scar Story
Heavy 70's emo
I think, but I'm not
Jason English
Instrumental muzak for no ages