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Welcome to blueFug Ventures.

We are a technology marketing consultancy with an emphasis on refining complex business software explanations into insightful, valuable messages that customers can act upon. Whether you have something that could use a quick burst of creative energy, some hard-earned insight, or a little bit of focused attention over time, I'm always ready to listen and respond.

There's life at the end of the funnel.

Most technology vendors and service providers still approach their marketing content from a features and benefits perspective, one pioneered 100 years ago at the dawn of the advertising industry. Pushing your message out in this way may seem practical, but here's the problem: Nobody cares about your stuff.

Ever notice how the companies that get the most buzz seem to say the least about their own products? Yes you need a killer technology or methodology, that is still the ante for entering the game. But beyond that, how do you become a trusted part of the community your customers live in?

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The Book: Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated, by John Michelsen and Jason English. 2012, CA Press. Preorder on

Enterprise Software: ITKO acquired by CA Technologies - Becomes CA Service Virtualization CSU


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