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Founder: Meet Jason English

Jason English

Jason English founded BlueFug Brewery in 1991 to circumvent certain age requirements around purchasing beer. Through hard-learned lessons in bad taste and exploding bottles, he discovered the secrets of yeast reproduction. It was at that time that he realized that marketing is not a viral process, it is a symbiotic one requiring continuous attention.

Though the brewing business never won any awards, the marketing business did. Jason started out Blue Fug Media doing just about anything he could get his hands on: writing commercials and case studies, video editing and special effects, recording soundtracks. An intense tangle creating CD-ROM games starting in 1995 set him on an interactive course.

Since then, there have been several trips through the doors of both corporate America and agile startups; leading critical projects to completion as a marketer, consultant, interaction designer subject matter expert and all-around creative resource. Jason has been intrigued by the digital transformation of business throughout his career, staying close to the edge of the markets he works in, but he will always value content and customer experience over technology.

Jason wrote this bio, and he feels strange talking about himself in the third person.

Keep up with Jason's thoughts on his Twitter feed.

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