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The blueFug type of music is represented in these unique artists.

You & Me albumYou & Me
You & Me are the newest BlueFug band, with a brand new album in stores now. Please check back for more dates and news soon.

Next show: June 23, Club Dada, Dallas, w/Salim Nourallah
July 6, The Elbow Room, Dallas

Electronically challenged blues-hop from Texas.
I have the privilege of joining these guys on stage starting in 2003. If you haven't seen this show, imagine a disco-ball in your smokehouse. Everybody dances, nobody cares. It's not that hard to sweat along.

Next show: July 19, The Elbow Room, Dallas

Scar StoryScar Story
This heavy power pop, 70's emo band plugged in a few great shows and is currently working on their project album, which will say we're really sorry and we'll gladly pay for all the damages.

Next Show: Unknown

Squelch's: Fighting Bigotry with BallsSquelch's
I think, but I'm not. Starting in 1998, this was the first band to embrace the Ridiculiste movement in art, and frequently confounded and challenged the military-industrial-complex. When they weren't sitting on their asses. The band went bankrupt in 2002 but you can still hear their music here.

Jason EnglishJason English
Instrumental and commercial muzak for no ages.

Battery-operated soul, right on!

Next show Mar.8, Trees!

Scar Story
Heavy 70's emo
I think, but I'm not
Jason English
Instrumental muzak for no ages